GAO RFID Asset Tracking is a product and services solutions provider. One of our major assets GAO LocateWare™ management suite of products is a simple and powerful tool to control and manage all types of tangible assets using standard technologies such as radio frequency identification (RFID), wireless communication and the Internet.

Our asset tracking, monitoring and tracking products enable you to instantly determine the general location of tagged objects anywhere within a defined space. Tracking includes work-in-process manufacturing as well as asset tracking, monitoring and management. Asset tracking allows you to monitor location, status and availability from virtually any location in your extended operations; manage your assets on demand by knowing where they are and boost production by getting your assets where they need to be without delay. Integrate your business processes with on demand knowledge of work-in-process manufacturing, and make more informed decisions.

Our asset tracking, monitoring and tracking products consist of RFID readers (RFID interrogators), RFID tags (RFID transponders), and LocateWare.

Current News

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